September/October Goals

Last month I wrote down all of my goals for the month and I felt like it really held me accountable for things I wanted to accomplish, so I think I’m going to keep this up as  a monthly thing.  Plus I’ve been so into writing to-do lists lately, this will just be an extension of that obsession 😉

September goals:

  • Working out 2-3 times a week – Fail.  I haven’t been to the gym like I had originally planned, but we have been getting out a little more with the kids these days, I walk around the neighborhood as I follow them around on their bikes/cars.  It hasn’t been consistent though, which is why I call it a fail.
  • Potty training – Success!  J was potty trained in 2 days, and I couldn’t love it more!!  He’s been waking up with dry diapers at night for a couple of weeks too, so I might be putting him in undies at night soon too.
  • Finish cleaning out spare bedroom aka new playroom – Success!  I’m happy to report, the room has mostly been cleaned out and we got our toy storage and ALL of the toys are in that room now.
  • No Shopping in September – Success!  I was tempted a couple of times, but all in all it was pretty easy, and I plan to do these type of months more often!
  • Print family pictures – Half success??  The pictures have been uploaded to Costco, now I just need to decide what sizes of pictures I want for our gallery wall.  That may take another 8 months ;)!

I think it was a pretty successful month!

October goals:

  • Stick to cleaning schedule – In January, I came up with this cleaning schedule.  I stuck to it for a while and was happy with the way the house was looking, then slowly fell off the wagon.  It’s so much easier to stick to a schedule because the house stays up to par, and I’m not spending whole days cleaning the house.
  • Decorating playroom:  Now that the room is cleaned out, I want to start decorating and adding a few things to the walls.  I want it to be a room the kids enjoy being in and make it look cute.  Like I said we got the toy storage in, and that’s pretty much it.

  •  Decorate living room – Now that all of the toys are upstairs, I want to accessorize the living room and get it looking the way we want it.  I’ve bought some lamps and a new table, but the room still has a ways to go.

(horribly grainy picture, but you get the idea)
  • Print family pictures and get our gallery wall finished!!  I need to do this ASAP! 
  • Find artwork for kids’ rooms.  I bought a couple of prints off of Jane yesterday, does anyone know if any affordable places to get cute pictures/prints?  I keep checking Home Goods, but they don’t seem to have anything I like.

Hopefully many of these will be crossed off of the list this month.  You’d think I was nesting with all of the decorating I want to do, haha!  I just really want to get the house to how we want it.

What are your goals for October?

Thoughts for Thursday

26 thoughts on “September/October Goals

  1. Is that cabinet in the last picture from Costco?! We looked at that, too and I love it, hoping I can find a spot for it in the new house. Also loving the way your living room is coming together!


  2. The living room looks SO good! those chairs were such a great purchase and that picture is awesome! We use the same Ikea system for our toys (duh!) I got a bunch of fun prints off of Etsy for the kids. I just looked up with they were interested in (flowers, chandeliers, cars, trains) Can't wait to see the entire playroom!


  3. Our playroom is a work in progress still, too. I'm hoping in the next week I will have enough done to get to share it on the blog! Great job on getting most of your goals done!


  4. Way to go on the September goals! Your October ones are great – I need to set some as well. I follow Clean Mama and I really like her schedule (although I can't stick to it with a little one right now). It's really similar to yours. I think I may have asked this (or seen it before on your blog) but where are your living room chairs from? We are looking for two.


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