2014 In Review

Crazy that this is my last post of 2014, where did the year go?!  I’m convinced that time does go by faster as we get older – do you remember years taking forever when we were kids?  Now it seems like it was just New Years day last year!

I thought it would be fun to review my year.  It’s definitely been a busy one for our family with TWO weddings in our immediate families!

It was a pretty quiet month, we had some family in town and played tourist in our area. We went to where they film Gator Boys on Animal planet and took a tour of the Everglades on an air boat ride and saw an alligator show.

We also took our first Disney trip of the year.

This was an exciting month – my sister got engaged!!  I was so happy to be part of that moment and glad I got to witness it happening.
We also took our family pictures – these may have been my favorite yet.
In March, I got nominated for the Liebster award, which was fun – it’s nice to know that people out there like reading your blog enough to nominate you for something. 
I also started brainstorming for my Brother/Sister-In-Law’s hot air balloon bridal shower and we took the kids to Disney on Ice.
April was a pretty low key month.  I went to the John Legend concert with my mom and enjoyed our first full day at the beach since the water and weather warmed up.

We took the kids on another Disney trip, and stayed at one of my favorite hotels of theirs Coronado Springs.
 Kids and Cabernet had it’s first linkup Wino Wednesday – I so love this linkup and reading everyone’s favorite wines.
We also had the first bridal shower of the year for my brother-in-law, which turned out beautiful!
I also did one of my favorite (and very simple) DYI’s to date and made our Rake Wine Glass Holder

We spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying summer and had a Girl’s Night Out for my sister-in-law to be.
July marked the first wedding of the year.  Everything was beautiful!
I shared six habits to a happy home (at least that work for us ;))
I stared brainstorming for our 10 year anniversary party – gold everywhere! eShatki also sent me a beautiful dress that I was able to review, which I loved!
September marked our 10 year anniversary, and a party to celebrate it, which was a blast having our closest friends and family together in one room.
We had another low key month with a lot of family time and crafting with the kids – which is always good in my book!
One of my favorite months this year – we went on a trip to Punta Cana with our best friends and had the best time and made some amazing memories!
Another favorite.  December was all about my sister’s and her wedding (which I’ll recap soon).  I threw her the cutest Lingerie Shower Tea Party and a few days ago celebrated her big day!

It was a great year filled with lots of memories and special times. Can’t wait to see what memories are made in 2015. 

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