Superhero Bash!

My kids are very into superhero’s, they love watching and playing with anything that has to do with them.  For months now the kids have been asking me to throw them a superhero party for them and their little friends and if you know me at all by now, you know that I love any reason to throw a party so we gave in to the idea, and in a couple of weeks the kids’ dream will come to fruition.

We decided to do it as a costume party because, is there anything cuter than seeing kids dressed up?  I have so many cute ideas for the party and am getting excited myself!

I want to keep the decor simple and also don’t want to overdo it with superhero’s everywhere, so this is how I envision the decor.  With that being said, do you know where I can find big 36 inch balloons?

crappy picture, but you get the idea
I ordered these invitations.  I’m HUGE on cute invitations for any party – I think it sets the tone for the party early on.

There will also be a photo-booth for the kids to pose with their costumes on – it’s going to look something like this:

Then I plan to do touches around like these:


I think the kids will love it and have tons of fun.  There will also be a bounce house so that they sleep well that night, and a cotton candy machine!

Have any of you thrown a superhero party before?  Any ideas of anything else I can do?

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