Charleston Recap

Happy Monday friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  We had an anniversary party for my aunt and uncle that was 70’s themed which was pretty fun!

I’m so excited to recap Charleston for you all… or should I say y’all 🙂 – we really had such an amazing time and since we’ve been back, we keep talking about going back.  It left a special place in our hearts.  This is super long so if you make it to the end, bless you. 

We got in on Sunday (the 13th) around 10:30 am, nice and early so we can enjoy the city a little bit more.  We got our rental car and headed straight to our bed and breakfast  Two Meeting Street Inn – which I will post about soon – the place really deserves it’s own post – it was beyond awesome!  After checking in, we walked down to Poogan’s Porch for brunch and a glass of bubbly of course.  Poogan’s Porch is such a cute restaurant!  We sat on the balcony to take in the beautiful street and the great weather – it was in the 70’s and sunny the whole time we were there – perfection!  I had the Fried Green Tomato BLT with crab remoulade – DELICIOUS!  My husband had their “famous” fried chicken salad which he enjoyed.

After eating we walked back to the Inn to get situated and a take a much needed nap – we had been up since 4:30 a.m. and went to bed at 1 the night before – yikes!  When we woke up we freshened up a bit and went downstairs for tea time.  Once we were finished we walked around a bit more before heading to Hanks Seafood.  I loved my dinner there.  I still wasn’t that hungry after my huge sandwich at Poogan’s so I kept it light with their local clams and a glass of red wine.  The clams were absolutely delicious and hit the spot!  My husband had their salmon I believe, and he said it was cooked perfectly!

Monday we decided we would go to Boone Hall Plantation.  We took a tour of the inside of the home and then took the trolley around the plantation which was pretty cool!  It’s still a  working plantation and locals come year round to buy produce.   After doing that we toured the slave cabins that are onsite.  Wow!  That’s all I could think.  The slave homes have been there since the 1700’s and were inhabited until the early 1900’s.  It was crazy walking in them and thinking of all the sadness that at one time took place right on the ground I was walking on.

After Boone Hall, we ate lunch at Tommy Condons – it’s an Irish place with great beer and good casual food.  I had their fried oyster basket and my husband ordered a burger.  And if you’re thinking that I always order seafood, you’re right haha!  I’m a seafood lover and why not order it in Charleston when you’re right by the water!

After lunch we decided that we wanted to drive around Charleston and check out some homes ( addict here!).  So we went to West Ashley and drove around the prettiest neighborhood.  I love seeing where people live and what neighborhoods look like when I travel.  I feel like I really take in the place I’m visiting.

We went back to the Inn, rested a bit before heading to 82 Queen for dinner.  The restaurant is beautiful with twinkle lights everywhere.  It was packed as it was Restaurant Week, so we waited a bit.  I would say I was most disappointed with this meal, and it was probably my fault as I wasn’t 100% sold when I ordered.  I had their pork loin and it was a little too dry for me – see?  I should’ve stuck to seafood ;). My husband raved about his jambalaya though, he still says it was one of his favorite meals there. 

Tuesday was such a fun day!  We walked along rainbow row and took a carriage ride (courtesy of John Decker, a Charleston personal injury lawyer and a charming fellow we met at the inn, the night before, who arranged one for us) through downtown and the battery.  It was so beautiful and so interesting to hear more of the history of Charleston.  I never knew I loved learning so much about history until this trip.  It was so fun for me and I was taken by the cobblestone roads, old homes,  Market Street which has been an operating market for over 200 years and even the cemeteries.  Crazy to think of all the history that happened on the streets I was walking on way before I was ever in existence.

We at lunch at Cru Cafe which was recommended to us and this was probably one of our favorite meals!  The restaurant was PACKED.  You can’t usually get in without a reservation even for lunch!  It was described to us as a “five star restaurant with a 3 star budget” – sold.  After lunch we walked down to Waterfront Park and took in all of the prettiness.  We saw Ft. Sumter from afar and dolphins were in the water – it was truly beautiful.  I also got to see the Pineapple Fountain and of course in true tourist style took a bunch of pictures!

In the evening I met up with Shelby and Ally at Bin 152 which was SO fun!  I loved meeting them, they are as sweet and friendly as they come across on their blogs.  It’s funny because people say when you meet other bloggers it’s like meeting up with an old friend and it was so true.  We talked like we have known each other for years… which I guess we kinda have :).  We missed Jillian and Cait though – next time!

Wednesday it was time to pack up and go.  We were so sad to leave, but I’m pretty sure we’ll visit again!  We loved every minute of our vacation in Charleston!

29 thoughts on “Charleston Recap

  1. Ahh you make me want to go back to Charleston so badly–its such an awesome city! I'm so glad that you had a good time and got to meet up with some bloggers too!


  2. Charleston is definitely one of my favorite cities! I think I may have ate at Poogan's when I visited…can't remember the name of the place but I also had an amazing fried green tomato sandwich there! If I was super rich I would definitely buy a house there!


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