Loving Lately: Off The Shoulder Look + Fall Giveaway

Happy first day of Fall!

Ever since I can remember I have been a fan of the off the shoulder look.  I remember for my kindergarten picture (you know the one with the fluorescent neon lights in the background, anyone else had the same backdrop?) I wore my favorite off the shoulder dress and made sure that it was adjusted just so for the picture.  As the years went on, the off the shoulder look went out of style and I never wore it again… until 2015 and once again, I’m loving it!  I don’t have many pieces, but love the couple that I do have and of course am itching to get a few more.

(before my aunt and uncle’s 70’s themed party)

I scoured Pinterest and found some more looks that I love.

What do you think of the off the shoulder look?  Do you have any pieces?
 Also, to commemorate the beginning of Fall, I’ve joined a few bloggers for a fun giveaway!

46 thoughts on “Loving Lately: Off The Shoulder Look + Fall Giveaway

  1. Love these looks! I have one shirt in my wardrobe that's off the shoulder–I feel like sometimes it's hard to find tops that look right on me. But all the ones you found are gorgeous!Link this up with Jessi and I today!


  2. I love the off the shoulder trend! I finally bit the bullet and bought my own, but when I wore it the other night I felt so ridiculous. Almost scandalous…oooh showing off the shoulders! 😉 Guess it means I just need more practice and wear out of it!


  3. Loving these looks, this fun giveaway, & the fact it's officially fall!! {To answer the question for the giveaway entry…} my favorite things about fall are the colors, clothes, comfort food & seasonal drinks, decor, & all the holidays! So many things to looks forward to this season! Wishing you a fabulous start to fall! Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway! Xx


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