Hosting A Dinner Party at Home | Easy Centerpiece Ideas

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours was very busy, and ended with my husband’s cousin’s wedding on Sunday.  We had a great time, especially E who didn’t get off of the dance floor the whole night!

One thing that we love to do is entertain at home.  Don’t get me wrong, I love going out to eat, but there is something more relaxing about cooking up a nice meal and being at home.  I’m a firm believer in having candles lit and fresh flowers in the home, especially when people are coming over.  Lately I’ve been wanting to step it up a notch and also make the table we’re going to eat at a little more “fancy”.  I’m all about simplicity, so in my opinion a simply set and adorned table is best.

I’ve rounded out some of my favorite centerpieces.  Most of the things to create these centerpieces are things you probably have laying around your home.

This picture was what I used as my inspiration picture for the table when we had family over this past weekend.  I thought it added a cute touch to the table and when the candles were lit it looked SO pretty.   I also made a wine bar for the dinner which worked out great.  Wine glasses, corkscrew,  cocktail napkins and of course a candle lit made the table look pretty and kept people out of the busy kitchen to refill their glasses.

Another one of my favorite centerpieces – that is easy to make is a simple flower arrangement with fruit pieces.  for this particular one, I used lemons and I thought it made the table look bright and happy!

Spray painting bottles is so much fun if you have a little extra time to do so.  They look elegant are are a fun spin on a traditional wine bottle.  They’d even be pretty spray painted with chalk paint! We spray painted bottles for our 10 year anniversary party and I loved the way they came out!  It’s such an inexpensive way to dress up a table!

Speaking of wine bottles, I also love the look of candlesticks stuck in them with wax dripping down.  Simple, elegant and the candle light adds to the ambiance!

Do you love to dress up your table when people come over too?  What are some things you’ve used?
Have a great day! xx

14 thoughts on “Hosting A Dinner Party at Home | Easy Centerpiece Ideas

  1. I try and use whatever is hanging around too. This time of year is easier than others with ornaments, candles, greenery, etc. You did a fabulous job. Looks wonderful. Merry Christmas!


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