Spring Cleaning Made Easy | Printable

Happy Tuesday friends!

Now that Spring has sprung, we all have Spring cleaning on the brain.  It’s time to purge and re-organize our clothes with bright pretty colors, and to organize and clean the rest of the house. I’ve been on Pinterest looking for ideas on ways to organize and I thought I’d share what I found.

spring cleaning

The entry way – This for us is a place where it can be tricky to keep organized.  While we have place for everything, the kids and hubby like to just leave their shoes by the door or pile mail on the entry table.  Here are a few entry ways that I think are stylish and pretty.  I love the amount of bins present too – one can never have too many bins!

Here is an article on 10 Inspiring Entryway Organization Ideas


The kitchen – Every few months I like to go into my cabinets and get rid of unused mugs, small appliances and fix my junk drawer – do you all have a junk drawer too?  My pantry also gets a face-lift because it’s usually a hot mess!

I loved this article on kitchen inspiration and ways to organize our cabinets.


Closets – My closet needs a HUGE overhaul.  I need to organize it in the worst way; I can’t wait for the day we can install a closet system so all of my belongings have a place!

I loved this article on Organizing Your closet in 2 Hours or Less, and you better believe I’m going to try this!


I found this awesome checklist that breaks down all Spring cleaning by room!



After all of the cleaning is said and done, I created a cleaning schedule that I’ve shared before, but I’ve tweaked it and made it a little more “me”.  Feel free to use this schedule, it’s a great help!  It breaks down chores day by day and gives the weekends “off” – you know besides the usual chores like clean kitchen, and laundry which I try to do daily.

Cleaning Schedule


Are you all ready to tackle all things cleaning this Spring?!



11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Made Easy | Printable

  1. Great cleaning schedule! We have a junk drawer and cabinet in our kitchen and they are always out of control! I try to clean them out every few weeks to keep my sanity. My closet needs a major spring cleaning over haul


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