CounterPunch 2012 Merlot | Review

Two posts in one day?!  That means something has to be up right?  I found out earlier that today is National Wine Day, AND it landed on a Wednesday so, that was pretty much too good to be true and it called for a “Wino Wednesday” post!

counterpunch merlot

A few months ago, my friends at Qorkz send me a goodie box with a few wines to try and review (the best gift ever!) and little by little I’ve been sampling them.  I recently opened up a bottle of Counter Punch 2012 Merlot, and oh my is it delicious!  It’s a little more bold than the average Merlot, but I’m not complaining since I love my wines a little on the stronger side.  I accompanied the wine with grilled skirt steak and it was a delicious combination!


counterpunch merlot

If you have never heard about Qorkz before, I highly recommend checking them out.  They sell small batch wines – or wines that you most likely would never see at your local wine shop or supermarket and sell them.  Seeing as the wines are only small batches, they are all delicious and made with love.  I love checking out the wines on the Qorkz site because you get to listen to the winemaker describe the flavor profile of the wine, helping to steer you towards a wine you know you will enjoy. When you purchase in the Qorkz marketplace, you buy directly from the winery owner, supporting their small business and helping them grow.

Be sure to check them out and happy National Wine Day to all of my winos!

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