The Best Wines $10 and Under | Wino Wednesday

What is better than a glass of affordable wine that tastes like some of the more expensive wines?  I love finding wines that impress me but also are easy on the wallet.  I’ve rounded up my favorite wines that are sure to impress, but that are all $10 or less!


Quinson Cotes de Provence is one of my favorite Summer easy drinking wines.  The color of this rose is perfect – the lighter the color, the better the rose.  For about $7 a bottle you cannot go wrong with this wine.

the best wines under $10


Gnarly Head Authentic Black is a perfect wine for cooler months or when you feel for a red blend (my personal favorites!).  This wine has flavors of vanilla, cherry, licorice and a hint of chocolate for around $10.  Delish!

wines under 10.4

Another delicious savory dark red blend with flavors of coffee, blueberry, black berry and a hint of chocolate.  The darker red blends go great with food, but my favorite way of enjoying them is to sip them on their own and take in all of the flavors.  This wine goes for around $8.

wines under 10.5

My last wine review was on Casal Garcia Vinho Verde.   It’s still hands down, one of my favorite wines.  Easy to drink and so light and refreshing.  It would go great with chicken, pastas and seafood and is only around $7 a bottle!

the best wines under $10


What are your favorite budget friendly wines?

6 thoughts on “The Best Wines $10 and Under | Wino Wednesday

  1. Loving all of these suggestions– I pretty much always buy the same bottle of sauvignon blanc, but I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for a few of these the next time we’re at the store.


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