Apothic Inferno Wine | Wino Wednesday

It’s great to be back reviewing wines!  These were always some of my favorite to write and part of the reason why I started my blog.  It’s fun for me to share the wines that I love, and to educate others.  I think wines can be intimidating for so many people.  I also only typically drink affordable wines, so I love sharing inexpensive bottles that taste delicious with you all.

This month I’m featuring Apothic Inferno.  I saw this wine while we were in Target.  My husband was drawn to the fact that it was aged in whiskey barrels since he likes whiskey.  Apothic wine is one of my all time favorites to drink so I knew this had to be good!  It’s a small batch wine, so there weren’t as many bottles made, so I made sure to pick up two bottles – what can I say, I had a good feeling about this wine 😉

Once we were home I chilled it and waited patiently until dinner time to open it.  It was DELICIOUS!  There were flavors of maple and spice from being aged in the whiskey barrels for 60 days.  I like the way the Apothic makers describe the wine “A wine with rich flavor, distinctive attitude and a whiskey soul”.

I’m so happy I picked two bottles up.  I’ve yet to drink the other one though, for fear that it will be gone haha.  This would be the perfect wine to eat with steak, a bolognese sauce or just to enjoy sitting by the fire during these cold months.


Do you like Apothic wines?  Have you tried this one?

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