2017 Home Organization and Projects

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a good one, we spent lots of time with friends and had people over for the Super Bowl.  I don’t care much about sports, but it was a great time and the food was delicious!

With a new year comes goals and planning.  I’ve already shared my goals for the blog, but wanted to share a few I have for the house and ones that will be added to the ‘Honey Do’ list.

Owning a home means that it is forever evolving.  It seems though that as far as a few things here and there we haven’t done much with our house in a while.  There are some projects that we’d like to get done in the near future and I’d also like to organize and purge around the house.  Hopefully we can tackle most of them this year:


  • My closet –  This is ongoing, I’m constantly trying to purge and get rid of things that I don’t need.  I have a small walk in closet to myself and I don’t only use it for my clothes, but for also things like family pictures, home decor, and kids artwork.  I would like to just have it be strictly clothes and shoes to allow me a little more room.  We shall see.
  • The kid’s closets – this is another thing that’s ongoing, they grow out of clothes SO fast, that I find myself in there every few months cleaning out what no longer fits and organizing my daughter’s toys since her toys are mostly in her closet.
  • Our desk:  We have a built in desk upstairs that is always a hot mess.  It needs to be organized ASAP, but I get overwhelmed just thinking of it.  It has become a dumping ground of sorts and that needs to end! #prayforme
  • Kitchen:  I need to go through the cabinets and purge things that we don’t use, they just take up unnecessary cabinet space.

Home Projects:

  1. Build a farmhouse table for the dining room.  I’ve been wanting one for a while and there’s no cheaper way than DIYing it.
  2. Frame out our windows in wood to give the interior of our home some more character.
  3. Re-do THE KITCHEN!!!  I’m hoping and praying we can finally have it re-done.  We’ve been wanting to do it for a long time and have just started looking into it.  I hope it all works out and we can cross that off of our list!


Do you have any home projects on radar?


8 thoughts on “2017 Home Organization and Projects

  1. You KNOW this list makes me so excited! Can I help you organize from afar? I live for it! I started putting two bins in the kids closets, one for clothes that need to go and ones that are too big and try to go through them every couple of months. YES to the kitchen! You have been wanting that and I hope it happens soon!!!


  2. I’m wanting to redo our kitchen SO BAD. We need to paint the cabinet, but we also need to replace the 30 year old hinges, and that intimidates me WAY more than the actual painting part! Also, we used Ana White’s plans to build a farmhouse table, and it turned out really well. I highly recommend her plans! PS: I’m new to your blog, and your design, colors, and fonts are beautiful. They caught my eye immediately.


  3. So exciting to have some home projects on the horizon!! I hear you about the organizing, especially closets. I have the hardest time with mine and the kids. Framing out your windows will add so much detail to the house, can’t wait to hear more about the kitchen and hope it all works out.


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