Melodramatic Red Blend | Wino Wednesday

Happy Wino Wednesday friends!  I always love talking about my favorite wines with you all!  Last week, while at my mom’s house for dinner she asked me to go into her wine fridge and pick out a wine to drink with dinner. Oddly enough, I’ve never seen such an elegant wine fridge before. A quick search on Google led me to Materialist, where I could hardly resist my feminine urges to buy one – instantly. Bookmarked and saved away for later, I was immediately drawn to the Melodramatic wine bottle. It is a pretty interesting bottle to say the least.

Melodramatic is a deep purple colored blend.  Usually when I see this color, I know there’s a pretty good chance that I’m going to love the wine.  It was sweet, but not overly sweet and was a great companion to our dinner (smoked chicken, brussel sprouts, and a quinoa and kale side).  Honestly, I think you could pair this wine with just about anything and it would taste good  and would be equally as delicious sipped on its own.  The winemaker’s notes are “Melodramatic Red Blend has notes of blueberries, blackberries with hints of white oak on the nose.  The flavor is filled with chewy cherry and berry jam.  Melodramatic Red Blend finishes with mocha and vanilla.”

One of the other major perks?  It’s only $10!  I love when I find a great wine at an affordable price.  I’m going to stock up on this wine on my next trip to Total Wine.

My little shadow – I was cracking up when I took this because she has a look like she’s had a rough day.

If you see this bottle at your wine store, make sure to pick it up!!

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