First Trimester Favorites

Happy Friday friends!  I finally felt well enough this week to write a post.   This week has been the week of horrible headaches.  Just when I was thinking that I was in the clear and wouldn’t get any pregnancy headaches this time around, they started.  I jinxed myself I guess.  The worst part is I really can’t take anything for it so I’ve been surviving on rubbing my head with Vicks and diffusing peppermint oil to try and get rid of them.  No fun.

Now that I’m a few days away from my second trimester, I wanted to round up the things that helped me survive these first few months.  The first trimester is never easy, your body is going through so many changes, very rapidly and you just feel tired and nauseous all. of. the. time.

These leggings – everything except dresses feels uncomfortable around my belly, these leggings though have been such a life saver and I am so happy that I bought two pairs.  I wear them constantly.

Belly Band – Since this is my 3rd, my belly started bloating days before I even knew I was pregnant.  So while I don’t have a big noticeable belly, buttoning my jeans has been out of the question.  When I do feel like wearing jeans, this belly band is always on and holds my jeans in place.

Sparking water – Boy oh boy have I drank tons of sparkling water.  It settles my stomach, and also acts as a mocktail for me.  My favorite is La Croix in the grapefruit and coconut flavors.

Ginger Chews – When the nausea waves creep in a crazy way, I eat one of these.  They settle my nausea almost immediately and I love the heat from the ginger.  They are tasty!

Spicy Lentil Hummus – most days, meat sounds unappealing  so I’ve been loading up on hummus to give me the added protein I need.  I add it to my eggs, salads or just snack on with pita chips.

Citrus and Salads – I’ve been craving both a lot.  They always sound refreshing and delicious.  An extra bonus if I’m eating a veggie sub – they have been one of my favorite things to eat every pregnancy.  While meat isn’t a favorite right now, I can go crazy on veggies – which isn’t a bad thing!

Prenatal vitamins – I take the Nature Made prenatals and have for all three pregnancies.  They never upset my stomach which  I love and thank goodness they changed them to a gel coated pill so they are easy to swallow.  With my daughter (eight years ago) they were like a horse pill, which was horrible.  But they’ve come a long way and agree with my body which is good!

Peppermint Essential Oil – This has been my savior when the nausea strikes and when I get a nasty headache.  From what I’ve read, it’s not recommended that pregnant mama’s actually put it on their skin, but I smell and diffuse it and it works wonders!


These have all been my lifesavers the past few months, and in true pregnancy style it’s a weird mix of things.  It’s so funny how your body can tolerate some things and not others.
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I hope everyone has a great weekend!  My brother-on-law gets married tomorrow and on Sunday it’s our gender reveal!!  I cannot WAIT to find out what we’re having.  Stay tuned!!

5 thoughts on “First Trimester Favorites

  1. The first trimester is no joke! That is some hard work you’re doing over there- growing that person! Hang in there. I can’t wait to find out who your little tie breaker is!


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