Country Themed Baby Shower

This past Saturday my family threw me a baby shower.  They asked me what theme I wanted and I picked a country theme.  I originally wanted it to be at this big barn we have in our area.  It has chickens that run wild, horse rides and a petting zoo.  I figured it would be perfect for the kids to enjoy, except one thing… we are still in the middle of hurricane season and it pours constantly – did I mention mosquitoes?  It just didn’t make sense for this time of year as there is no guarantee that the weather would cooperate.  After getting married during a hurricane, I don’t take any chances with the weather – especially during hurricane season!  I’ve learned my lesson.

The city my husband works for has a union hall that we used for our 10 year anniversary party and we decided to use again for the baby shower.  It’s a perfect space for a smaller crowd (we had about 40 people at the baby shower and about 60 at our anniversary party) the city added some cool bricks to the walls that made the space perfect for the theme!  When my family asked me about the theme, I also said that I wanted succulents and a naked cake; and boy did they deliver!  The shower was more gorgeous than I could have imagined, complete with faux barn doors and hay!  Succulents and baby’s breath were everywhere.  We used Mason Jars for cups with flower printed paper straws, and there was plenty of burlap to make for the perfect country feel.

We were showered with so much love.  Most of my family was able to attend and most of my closest friends too.  Baby girl made out with plenty of gifts from the registry as well as many adorable outfits.  I don’t think anyone can resist buying clothes for a baby girl, they are the cutest!  It was a great time and makes me a little nostalgic that it was my last baby shower to have.  I’m trying to soak in every little thing this time around as I know this will be my last baby.

Below are a few pictures – the lighting isn’t the best in the union hall, but you get a good idea on how pretty it all was.  I’m so thankful to my family for doing this for us – definitely an awesome way to ring in our daughter’s arrival.

homemade apple pie cookies, caramel and candy apples

small containers of jam as favors




6 thoughts on “Country Themed Baby Shower

  1. oh, how adorable! that cake looks delicious. bummer you couldn’t have it at the barn, but yay for no mosquitoes 🙂 and the jam! oh my goodness. adorable. i want.


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