One Room Challenge | Week One: Baby Girl’s Nursery

I literally just found out about the One Room Challenge yesterday afternoon and immediately decided to join the band wagon.  I’m 34 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and we haven’t started on the nursery at. all.  We have purchased the crib, dresser and glider – but besides that? Nada.  Joining the ORC is perfect timing for me.  Although I hope to have most of the room done before the 6 weeks are over because I’m already cutting it kind of close!

For those of you that are new here, I’m Amanda a stay-at-home (first year) homeschooling mom living in South Florida.  We found out we were excepting our surprise little girl in March, and since then have been in the throws of a home renovation (more on that in a second).  This blog is my little slice of the internet.  I’ve been blogging for four years now and love to share about my favorite finds, wine and home decor – this is my first One Room Challenge and I’m excited to participate and see everyone’s beautiful spaces!

Our nursery will be in what was is the playroom.  For our other two kids our nursery was said and done with by this point in my pregnancies but this time around it’s been hard to get to.  We are just getting done with a major re-do of our first floor – kitchen, flooring and adding a wall with French doors to our living room to turn that into the playroom.  We were only supposed to do the kitchen and little by little do the other two aspects, but once the workers came to measure and give us estimates we realized that if we wanted it done correctly, we had to do it all at once.  All of the projects snowballed into each other.  Of course throw in a construction group that tells you things are going to be done in X amount of time and it isn’t and my husband’s new work schedule and we got delayed.  Very delayed.  And here we are 34 weeks in with nothing done, but a long do to list.

Lets take a moment of silence for what the room used to look like… neat and organized.

Right now the status of the nursery is 1/2 baby things 1/2 toys and miscellaneous things that need to be moved out of there.  It seriously looks like Monica Gellar’s secret closet in Friends.  I’m embarrassed to even show it, but hey – that’s the whole reason of the ORC, to show progress and the evolution of a room, right?

Here is the current state of the baby’s nursery:

Trying to find the perfect shade of light pink


Are you as traumatized by those pictures as I am?  I cringe every time I walk by the room.  So much to do, so very little time!  So what is on my to do list for this room?


As I mentioned, we already bought the crib, dresser, glider and I have her bedding and some of the decor for her walls.  I’m going for a slightly vintage-y feel with some rustic touches.  You can read more about that here (click here).

So there we have it!  We are going to try to get it done in sooner than the allotted six weeks since we pretty cramped on time.  I say “we” because let’s face it, I’m at the mercy of my husband to paint and build the furniture.  But after that, I take full control and get into full nesting mode, which I can’t wait for!




Thank you to Carousel Designs for providing our baby’s custom bedding and to Newton for providing our crib mattress.

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