She’s Here!

You guessed it, the reason for my absence is that I gave birth to my baby girl!  You can cay say I took a bit of a maternity leave 😉 .  I’ve been busy enjoying every moment of those newborn snuggles and enjoying her delicious scent.  I’m savoring every minute of this stage, it only lasts so long.  I wish the baby stage lasted longer.

She was born on November 5th so she is just about a month old.  Labor was fast and furious.  I’ve always had pretty quick deliveries, but she was by far my fastest.  I got to the hospital after a couple of hours of contractions that were 5 minutes apart.  They weren’t very painful, but wanted to get to the hospital to get my dose of antibiotics since I was Strep-B positive this time. Baby girl had other plans because she was born 3 hours after I got to the hospital, no time for antibiotics since one of those hours I was hooked up to a monitor to make sure I was really in labor.  There almost wasn’t any time for the epidural either; they administered the epidural to me and she was born 20 minutes later.  It was nice to have that last 20 minutes to relax and focus on pushing without being in excruciating pain.  It all went so fast, which I’m grateful for because labor pains are NO JOKE!  She was born as beautiful as can be with a head full of hair and is the perfect mix of her brother and sister.


Life lately with her has been great!  She eats like a champ and sleeps the best out of my other two at this age.  Big sister and brother are so in love and always want to hold and cuddle with her, which is so sweet to see.  They have both been so patient and understanding.  She’s already responding to us and giving us little smiles here and there.  She’s pretty easy going and fits right in with our crazy crew, she was the missing piece to our family – even if we didn’t know it!

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