Newton Wovenaire Mattress Review

I’ve been so excited to talk about our baby girl’s crib mattress.  Crib mattresses are such a big deal to me. I think they are one of those things that needs to be researched thoroughly before one is purchased because it’s not only an investment and a place that the baby will sleep for years, BUT safety comes to mind and as every parent knows – the safety of your child is always first.  This is where the Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress comes into play.  It checks off everything that I wanted in a mattress and is 100% breathable which is so comforting to me and I’m sure every parent would agree.

Both of my other two kids loved sleeping on their stomachs as soon as they could roll, which is something that always gave me a bit of anxiety.  Now that we have the Wovenaire mattress for our newest addition  if  she decides to sleep the way her brother and sister did, her mattress is breathable and even if her little face gets smushed in it while she’s on her tummy there is nothing for me to worry about – aka, I don’t have to lose anymore sleep than I already do!  Also the fact that it is 100% breathable is also perfect for temperature regulation, so there is no need to worry about the baby being overheated or sweating at night – something that my both of my other kids always did with their crib mattress.

Some other things that I LOVE about the Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress?  It is water proof and washable – yes you read that correctly!  You just unzip the mattress cover, wash it and put it in the drier to dry.   It is very simple to quickly clean and dry and because it is waterproof, most leaks will not make it through the mattress.  It’s perfect for those leaky diapers.  Newton doesn’t recommend putting any mattress covers on because it will compromise the breathe-ability of the mattress but they make up for it since both their cover and the actual mattress is waterproof and washable. You can easily wash the mattress right in your bathtub if anything were to leak through.  They sell additional covers in a variety of colors if you want to have a backup, which is always a great idea in case any leaks happen at night.

Another perk is that the mattress is  contains no foam, latex, springs, glue, or allergens so you don’t have to worry about your baby inhaling any bad chemicals or suffering or being allergic to anything in the mattress.  So what is the mattress made out of?  90% air and 10% food grade polymer – that’s it!  That’s why they ensure that the mattress is 100% breathable.

I also love how comfortable the mattress is.  I feel like many crib mattresses are uncomfortable; they have springs or feel like plastic.  The Wovenaire is made to be firm enough for babies and their development but also comfortable enough for toddlers and is made to last.  It’s is such great quality!  The mattress fits in all standard cribs and toddler beds so it is a mattress that will last for years, which is important.  Once you’re done with the mattress, discarding it is also easy as it is recyclable.  I don’t think it gets anymore convenient than that!

I am so impressed by the Newton Wovenaire Mattress and although the price point is on the higher side of crib mattress, it is definitely worth every penny.  It ensures safety, is easy to clean and will last through the years.  I don’t think you can find any better.  I’m so happy this is the mattress my daughter will get to use for the first few years of her life!



A huge thank you to Newton for providing a mattress for our enjoyment and review.

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