Must Have Products for Newborns

While registering this time around I only registered for the essentials.  I didn’t want to fill my house or registry with things that I really didn’t need, and being that this is my third time around I knew what I’d need.  Registering can be overwhelming; there are so many things on the market and a lot of them seem like you really will “need” them, but must of them you don’t.  I always go in with the mindset to register/buy the things I need and then a few things here and there that I think I might need or will make my life easier.  It’s hard when you are registering because you haven’t met your baby yet and you don’t know what he/she will be like.  They all prefer different things – and yes, they let you know at a very young age what their preferences are!

There are quite a few things I got this time around that I feel have been a lifesaver and I think every mom would benefit from getting these for their babies.

one | DockATot – I’m sure you’ve heard of this lounger.  It’s all the rage and I completely understand why.  My baby LOVES sleeping in it, and so far sleeps way better than any of my other kids have.  It’s extremely comfortable, while not very plush.  It’s very easy to take apart and wash.  It’s also very lightweight so it is easy to carry around all over the house or with you on trips.

two | Boon Grass, Stem & Twig Drying Set Bundle – This set is so great for drying bottles, nipples, pacifiers and breast pump parts.  It’s easy to clean and looks cute on your counter which is an added plus!

three | Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles – These have been the only bottles I have used this time around.  There hasn’t been any confusion with breastfeeding and using these, so I would say they are great for moms who will be both breast and bottle feeding.  They also reduce the amount of air swallowed which helps with gas – this is especially great for colicky babies.  They wash easily too!

four | Owlete Baby Monitor – If you get anything from this list, get THIS!  This baby monitor is hands down the best thing I have this time around and I so wish I had it for my other two kids when they were babies.  The owlet keeps track of your baby’s pulse and oxygen levels while they sleep.  If anything is wrong, it will alert you from it’s base but also on your phone in case your baby is napping and you aren’t in the same room with them.  This little monitor gives me such piece of mind and allows me to sleep so much better.  I remember with my other two kids, I was always waking up in the middle of the night (aside from them being awake every two hours) to make sure they were breathing and ok – I was a zombie!  This monitor takes all of the worry away for me and I am able to sleep soundly when the baby is sleeping.  I cannot say enough good things about this and I feel like every mom should have one of these! Now, don’t get me wrong, the Owlete is not the best baby monitor on the market. If I had to determine the absolute best, it would be the Levana (, but the Levana is slightly more expensive – so consider your options first.

five |  Aden + Anais Swaddle – These swaddles are the best!  They are made our of muslin cotton so they are breathable, yet soft.  They have a little stretch to them so they are very easy to swaddle in, yet keep the baby comfortable and not too warm.

six | Beautycounter Baby Protective Balm – This lotion is AMAZING! You use less than a dime size for your baby’s whole body (so it will last you forever).  It is so moisturizing; it is a blend of blend of organic shea butter and jojoba oil and is designed to provide a layer of protection for dry, sensitive skin.  Of course since it is from Beautycounter it doesn’t have any toxic chemicals, which is so important when putting on your baby.  Using this lotion my baby didn’t peel at all the way most newborns do.  This lotion isn’t just for babies either – it’s great for any dry skin, I use it daily on my five year old.

seven | Carter’s Long Sleeved Onsies – All three of my kids have lived in these onsies!  They keep them warm, wash well and I love that they are onsies and not any of those pesky outfits with a million snaps.  I loathe snaps!

eight | Mamaroo – this is up there in my must haves.  We use this multiple times a day and she takes some long naps in it.  The Mamaroo has different movement settings – car ride (the one my daughter loves the most), kangaroo, swing, etc.  Besides the movements,  you can control the speed and there are a few different white noise sounds that you can use too.  If your baby doesn’t like the white noise sounds and is used to sleeping to specific music like my other kids were used to, you can play his/her favorite songs via bluetooth.

nine | Oxi Clean Baby – this stuff is pure magic!  There is no stain it hasn’t removed.  I spray it on a few minutes before washing and it removes all traces of any stain and it smells so good!

ten | Emfamil Reguline – I have had a supply issue this time around (another post for another day) so we have had to supplement with formula.  In the beginning my daughter was having a lot of constipation issues.  Her doctor told us about this formula and it has made such a difference!  It has two probiotics in it which are good for the stomach and promote soft stools.  This has been a huge relief for her (and us!).  If you are formula feeding – I recommend this one since it is gentle on their stomachs.

eleven | Ingenuity Boutique Collection Rocking Seat – This bouncer seat is my favorite!  It is so comfortable, goes from rocking to standing still and you can alter the incline from laying down to sitting.  It’s great for lounging or sleeping!  It also vibrates and has a few soothing sounds.  We use this daily and carry it around the house so she can be around us at all times.

twelve |  Solly Baby Wrap – This isn’t pictured, but I just started using the Solly Baby Wrap and am obsessed!  I put her in the wrap and she looks around or falls asleep.  She feels close to me, and I am able to have two free hands which is great.  I can home school, clean or fold clothes; it’s basically a stay-at-home mom’s dream!  The wrap is super soft and very comfortable to wear.

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For all of you nursing mamas, I’ve rounded out a few of my favorite staple items.  If you get these before your baby is born you will be set and off to a strong nursing start!


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All of the nursing tanks are as soft as butter and so easy to nurse in.  I also swear by the Mother’s Milk Tea and have drank it for all three kids – it works great!  The Spectra S2 is one of the best pumps on the market and is so quiet and provides such a comfortable pumping session!
I hope this helps any mamas who are currently expecting or have newborns.  I know how hard it is to know what you need or what you will really use.  I truly feel like all of these products are all versatile and any newborn will use and love them.

4 thoughts on “Must Have Products for Newborns

  1. We couldn’t live without the Dock a Tot and the Owlet gives the best peace of mind!
    We have the same drying rack and love it. Bella is still too small for some wraps and carriers- but soon we should be able to use them. Great suggestions!!


  2. I should have gotten the Mamaroo and am reading this and kicking myself for not just doing it. And allll of the praise hands for the Dockatot. I don’t know what I am going to do when she can’t use it anymore!


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