She’s Here!

You guessed it, the reason for my absence is that I gave birth to my baby girl!  You can cay say I took a bit of a maternity leave 😉 .  I've been busy enjoying every moment of those newborn snuggles and enjoying her delicious scent.  I'm savoring every minute of this stage, it only [...]

Our Newest Addition

If you follow me on Instagram you know I spilled some beans the other day.  We are expecting our third baby in November!! This was honestly quite the shock for us.  We always talked about maybe having a third, but never committed to actually having one... until now, ha.  We are  very excited to add [...]

Summer Bucket List

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend!  Our was awesome - Friday I had a girl's night, Saturday I threw my daughter's spa party  - which the girls all LOVED - and yesterday we just hung out at home and got the house back in order (somewhat). Now that it's Summer break [...]

Spring Bucket List

Spring is the last season for a while in Florida that being outside is enjoyable.  As soon as Summer comes along it gets hot, and humid and being outside isn't really comfortable - unless you're wearing a bathing suit!  With that being said, I want to do a few fun things with the kids before [...]